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10am - 6pm


Seoul, South Korea, Hongdae

Seoul, South Korea, Hongdae

10am - 6pm

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Yangmal Game is a word game where you have to make, steal, and combine words to win! It’s easy to learn, fast-paced, can be played by groups of any size, and requires no board. Make your own rules based on how advanced you want to play. Let’s play!

Our Story

After years of a tech entrepreneur living in Silicon Valley, Ryan Kulp wanted to achieve my childhood dreams of being a musician. But not just a regular musician, a k-pop musician.

I moved to Korea in Summer 2020 and immediately started to learn the Korean language. As I was learning, I was tired of reading books, taking online classes, and that’s where I thought…. there has to be a better way for Korean language learners and even native Koreans to build their vocabulary and have fun doing it.

And then a lightbulb went on in my head. I grew up playing the classic word game Scrabble, one of the 5 highest selling board games in the world. I remember it helped me expand my vocabulary, play with a group of friends, and most importantly, have fun! I then thought, why not create a version for Korean language lovers?

After building a small team, developing 16 different prototypes, and collecting months of player feedback, I’m excited to present our final product, Yangmal Game.


Meet the Team


Ryan Kulp

Ryan Kulp (founder) is a musician, software engineer and tech entrepreneur from the USA. Before moving to Korea he built a growing portfolio of companies, one being, a marketing tool that’s used by over 16,000 websites. He moved to Korea in Summer 2020 and created the first prototype of 양말장난. Ryan showed it to native Koreans. With positive feedback in-hand, Ryan began building a team. 



Han Se Young

Han Se Young is an industrial designer and mechanical engineer from Hongik University. She joined the team in November 2020 and helped Ryan with creating 15 different prototypes. Now she manages whole design parts; product design, packaging, and branding.



Joy Pak

Joy Pak, a digital marketer from Toronto and New York City joined in April 2021 to lead our launch and help us identify all the ways Yangmal Game can be enjoyed by kids, language learners, adults, and the elderly alike.