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What are the best sites for learning Hangul?

What are the best sites for learning Hangul?


Today we’ve made a quick list of games you can either play online, at home, or with friends to master hangul! Also, incase you’re already a hangul master--you can use them to show off your skills :)

Let’s Learn Hangul

Site link:

Let’s learn Hangul!


This is a really well designed site by Noah Burney. It’s an interactive learner app that is almost like a mini-game.



It’s got really easy romanizations for new learners. 

You can even keep track of how many letters you’ve learned. It’s like using memrise or duolingo and a teacher all in the same app. I wish I had an app like this around when I started learning Hangul 6 years ago!


It is almost perfect, however, it is a little bit rushed. And I don’t think there’s a way to save your progress. So if you decide to use this app make sure you complete the whole thing in one sitting! Overall, an excellent and modern app for Korean learners.

Korean Class 101

Site link:

This is one of the top results on google. Probably because of the vast amount of resources that are on this site. It’s got a few amazing hangul learning video resources. So if you’re watching on YouTube or just browsing on Google you can instantly access these Hangul learning worksheets.

However, these resources are plentiful, they might be harder to understand for new learners:


Even though if you know Hangul, that is a lot to process…

But don’t click away because it looks so difficult. They have awesome worksheets at the bottom which you can download for free.

Though my personal favorite is the quizzes. Once you’ve studied, and done some repetition it’s time to put your skills to the test!

You can easily access one of many quizzes that they offer. Both reading and writing are available:


Korean has a couple of complex rules when reading hangul out loud, so make sure you understand completely with the various reviews!

Of course, learning Hangul is just like riding a bike. Takes a couple hours to get started but longer to master!

Learn Hangul

Site link:

This is an awesome resource made by Haneul, a Canadian born Korean. She did an amazing job romanizing and explaining the specific pronunciation for each character. Check it out:


This helps supplement the resources found on other sites a ton. Knowing how to pronounce is a lot different than just knowing what to pronounce. So I would strongly recommend checking out multiple resources from this list to have an overall approach to your learning!

Out of the Hangul learning resources we’ve shared so far, this one might be the most practical. It’s easy to reference whenever you need to remember a rule or specific pronunciation point. And there’s no signups or logins. 

You can also print out flash cards/ worksheets for you to practice on your own time as well.


And as always, there’s a ton more resources they link to at the bottom. I would also recommend checking out Billy Go’s book. It will give you an easy breakdown of Hangul learning for beginners. The workbook is absolutely amazing.


We hope you enjoyed this brief collection of modern hangul learning resources. You can put your new skills to the test with our Hangul board game. It’s basically Scrabble or Bananagrams but in Hangul! 

Happy learning!